A New Year's Resolution That Lasts

Getting started with new habits should be a breeze. With an ergonomic mouse, you'll not only start the new year off with better work tools but you will also be able to prevent unnecessary strains from repetitive movements.

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SliderMouse Pro

The SliderMouse Pro is revolutionary computer mouse that is sure to change the way you use your computer. The wide sliderbar has a comfortable grip that make it easy and comfortable to use; the advanced sensors and customizable buttons optimizes performance.

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RollerMouse Pro

Compared to previous RollerMouse products from Conotur Design, the RollerMouse Pro has a lighter, open design while keeping the well-known features.

With the RollerMouse Pro, you'll be able to style your mouse to your personal preference with the new wrist rests options.

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New Contour Design driver

We are proud to present our new and improved Contour Design driver 3.0.0. The new driver is available two versions, one for Windows and one for macOS

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Contour Unimouse

A perfect fit for all hands

Our Unimouse is an award-winning adjustable computer mouse created to provide variation and relief to sore wrists. The Unimouse comes in both left and right hand versions.

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Designed for professionals who spend much of their working day in front of a computer, Contour’s ergonomic mice can help you develop a more efficient workflow, in addition to taking away pain and strain often caused by traditional computer mice.