Don’t Let Bad Ergonomics Become a Pain

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  • With a RollerMouse, I have gained a workday with variation in my work posture. I feel a big positive difference.

    - Dan, Key Account Manager in the IT industry
  • The posture I adopt due to working with the RollerMouse feels good, and my body tires significantly slower.

    - Jan, Team lead in the Car Industry​
  • It is a lifesaver when doing administrative work because it ensures a good body posture when working for many hours. ​

    - Mette, Couples therapist​

Ever wonder why?

Ever wonder why your fingers go numb, your hand tingles or your wrist feels sore at the end of a long workday? You're not alone. 76% of office workers report pain or strain while working at their desks.* Bad ergonomics is the culprit. That's where we come in.

Meet the RollerMouse. A centrally located, evolutionary ergonomic mouse that improves posture and fixes bad habits while at the computer. Don't just take it from us; 90% of those who tried the RollerMouse said it relieved their computer work-related pain.* We're so confident that we'll relieve your pain; all of our products come with a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee.

*Contour Design consumer study – 2024

9 out of 10 RollerMouse users have improved their well-being at work