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Contour Design launches new, preventive products

Contour Design launches new, preventive products


Contour Design to launch a new, preventive product range with the vision to bring ergonomics to the next level

Contour Design, the global leader in ergonomic computer mouse solutions, introduces a new line of products on Tuesday, September 27th, designed to enable people to change their habits and become more proactive with their well-being. The launch lands simultaneously as a new brand overhaul.

At its core, Contour Design provides forward-thinking products that allow people to work safely at their computers without risking physical strains or injuries, whether on-site or working from home. Through the practice of ergonomics, Contour Design products empower users to utilize the combination of practical, well-designed equipment, variation, flexibility, and good habits. To further push consumer momentum to take a proactive approach to health at work, Contour Design launches a new range of mouse solutions – the RollerMouse Pro and SliderMouse Pro.

"We are beyond excited to take the prevention of desk-related strains and injuries to the next level. Our new RollerMouse Pro and SliderMouse Pro put the user at the centre of everything. All functions are centralized, allowing your arms to rest right in front of your body, minimizing stretching and twisting. Ultimately, we are making it effortless to do desk-work," says CEO Kenneth Nielsen, Contour Design.

Scandinavian design that meets individual taste

With Contour Design's new headquarter in Denmark, the new RollerMouse Pro and SliderMouse Pro celebrate the Scandinavian design characteristics through their minimalistic approach to combine functionality with simplicity and clean spaces.

"We have made it a mission to incorporate our Scandinavian design traditions in our new products, combining high functionality with a crisp and clean design. Also, we have made it possible to customize the design to fit individual preferences, allowing the users to match their physical needs and stylistic desires. We are confident that ergonomics have never looked cooler," says CEO Kenneth Nielsen, Contour Design.

Focus on a sustainable future

To further support Contours Design's aspiration for a brighter future, all hard plastic in the new products is made from 100% recycled material. The  high-quality products are designed to endure being used for many hours each day for many years. In other words, Contour Design has a strong focus on preventing products from becoming part of the throw-away culture that negatively affects our environment.

The products will be available on October 25th.

A new brand identity to support further growth

Happening at the same time as the product launch, the new Contour Design brand platform will also be revealed. The new identity is built to help empower the brand on the journey it is about to embark on. In August, Polaris took a majority share in the business and is now looking to expand its geographical presence further.


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About Contour Design
Contour Design was founded in 1995 and is a leader in the research, development and design of the ergonomic mouse and keyboard solutions. The company's purpose is to create a healthier working life through ergonomics and prevent injuries when working with computers. The award-winning brands such as RollerMouse, Unimouse and Balance Keyboard sold over 1/4 million units worldwide last year. Contour Design has its head office in Ballerup, Denmark, responsible for sales, marketing, and product development. In addition, there is an American division accountable for sales and marketing in North America and a production unit in China.