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Balance Keyboard

The Balance Keyboard is a compact keyboard complete with a 10-digit number pad. This means you get all the functionality of a "full sized" keyboard while reducing the need to reach, putting you in a more comfortable and healthy posture.
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Every inch counts

That’s why the Balance Keyboard has minimized the buffer below the spacebar. Although it may not seem like much, reducing the reach to the keyboard by half an inch can have a huge impact on you ergonomically, bringing the keyboard and RollerMouse closer than ever before. 

Ergonomic tilt

Our Balance Keyboard was created to be the perfect partner to the RollerMouse Free 3 and Red Series. Designed to maximize the benefits that the RollerMouse provides, the Balance Keyboard keeps your workstation in perfect harmony.

Bundle and save

The Balance Keyboard and RollerMouse Red are made for each other, and when you purchase them as a bundle you save $20! 

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1.7 lbs


15.4 x 4.7 x 0.9 in

Number of buttons:

Standard Keyboard Keys and 12 Media Buttons

OS support:

OSX & Windows


Available on Driver-page

Battery life:

12 Months


2x AAA batteries


Windows 10 and 11 - Download

MacOS Monterey and macOS Ventura - Download


Balance Keyboard Wireless Download