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Finding the right ergonomic mouse can be hard. We’ve compiled a short comparison of our products designed to help users find the mouse right for them. We’ve taken into account hand size and workstation environment, the two biggest factors in ensuring you find the right mouse for you. These are meant to help point new users towards the right product for them and is not an absolute recommendation as everyone is different. If a medical or ergonomic professional has already recommended a specific product, we highly suggest purchasing the recommended product.

RollerMouse Red

As our most dynamic RollerMouse, the Red is great for people with small to average hand sizes. The Red+ is meant for those with large and extra-large hands. RollerMouse Red is just as comfortable on a keyboard tray as it is on a desktop, while the increased palm support of the Red+ means it’s meant specifically for the desktop

RollerMouse Pro3

RollerMouse Pro3 is the only RollerMouse long enough to support a full-sized keyboard with a 10-digit number pad (up to 19′) and is made to work best in on a keyboard tray. It’s reduced depth and semi-closed bar is ideal for those with small to average-sized hands.

RollerMouse Free3

RollerMouse Free3 is great for those with small, average, and large hands. It’s gradually sloped palm support makes it too large for keyboard trays but perfect for desktop use. With 2 extra shortcut buttons, the Free3 has the most customizable buttons of any RollerMouse.