Are pain and strain from RSIs slowing your workforce down?

Transforming Workplace Ergonomics

We’re Contour Design and we’ve been a leading manufacturer of ergonomic computer products for over 28 years.

Our mice and keyboards are designed with the user in mind and create proper ergonomic postures that help prevent and reduce pain associated with repetitive stress injuries (RSIs). By combining innovative design methodologies with tried-and-true ergonomic principles, we’re changing the game when it comes to workstation ergonomics with our flagship line of products, the RollerMouse. 

What is a RollerMouse? 

RollerMouse challenges the way we interact with a computer. This innovative, ergonomic mouse design is placed in front of your keyboard, which minimizes your active work zone and simultaneously creates synergy in the workflow between your keyboard and mouse.

Through its centralized design the RollerMouse greatly reduces a plethora of risk factors associated with poor ergonomics and the development of RSIs. The patented Rollerbar provides a unique cursor control that eliminates the gripping and pivoting needed for traditional mice while encouraging posture variation. Because the RollerMouse sits in front of the keyboard, and is equipped with built-in palm support, users will be in a neutral posture throughout the day with adequate support. And let’s not forget about the wrists! RollerMouse removes any postures that require users to have their wrists flat on the desk, a prevailing factor in mouse related RSIs, primarily carpal tunnel syndrome.

How can Contour Design help my team?

Every year, millions of workers get diagnosed with workplace RSIs (4.8 million a year for carpal tunnel syndrome alone!) due to repetitive motions, poor ergonomics, and continual computer use. Workers diagnosed with these ailments will see a drop in productivity, decreased job satisfaction, and in most cases, significant time away from work.

Every person diagnosed with a work-related RSI creates a direct cost to your company. OSHA estimates that the direct cost of a carpal tunnel syndrome case averages $28,647 per employee.

Our lines of ergonomic mice, keyboards, and workstation accessories are designed to put workers in good ergonomic postures that help prevent these RSIs from developing while alleviating pain and strain for those who already have a computer related injury.

How can I get one? 

We are happy to provide your organization with a no-obligations, cost-free demonstrational product for your evaluation, just click the button below and fill out the short form and a member of our team will reach out to help assess which Contour products will best serve your organization’s needs!

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